Writing a Thesis Paper

Thesis is a briefly stated idea of the whole work set in one sentence. Thesis writing supposes summarizing all the information in order to have it briefly enunciated. Report or publication of large volume has to be revealed in a clear and short statement. Understanding the issue, analyzing it and opposing your own thoughts with the thoughts of other researchers and complementing them are crucial for a good thesis work. Perfectly developed thesis will draw attention of the audience to the scientific material. The speaker will be in the centre of everybody’s attention if the thesis was successfully created. To write a thesis is something like to create a calling card to your future work. Only perfectly developed thoughts, briefly stated facts and bright outstanding examples will make your paper a winning one.

Created according to all the rules and requirements, a good thesis shows your good taste. It is the first indication that a new researcher will see while reading your work. There are two main types of a thesis paper. The first one is written on the basis of other author’s publication. The second type is the researcher’s own original material. First of all, decide which type will be easier or more interesting for you.

The first type presents thesis writing as summary of the material written by another author. Here, following the preliminary research, the material is read for the second time. All text is divided into a number of passages. Then the main thought of every passage is found. After that the researcher selects and formulates separate provisions. In such a way the thesis is formulated.

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Speaking of the second type, it only includes theses of scientific works (these can be articles, reports, presentations and others). Here, the thesis writer shows his or her awareness and competence. The researcher succinctly expresses the entire text. However, this is not an easy and quick task to complete. The result supposes a deeper understanding of the topic. New ideas often appear during the process. The essence of the research can be explained to others in an easier way.

The first kind of thesis paper also has its difficulties. The amount of printed text should be significantly reduced, but the content should be preserved. Therefore, the less the author is acquainted with the material, the harder it will be to express his or her thoughts in a brief manner.

The second kind is more common. Thesis writers develop their theses at first and then widen them to the appropriate size of their articles. The most difficult part is to form your own idea and understand what you mean to write. Writing the winning thesis or dissertation one usually faces these issues.

Thesis writers have to know all rules of a winning thesis. Following them, the researchers will be able to do everything correctly and get perfect results. Firstly, the theme of the work must conform to the conference topics and show new ideas. If there are too many studies on your topic, writing the paper will be hard, as people who had studied the topic, have already came up with all new ideas. Secondly, write the thesis narrow as you will be reporting it only during 10 or 15 minutes. All your findings have to squeeze into this short period of time. The researcher often wants to introduce the conclusions of the whole work. However, specific examples must be included. As a rule, they are just left out. Good theses conclusions assume analysis of specific examples. Global ideas cannot be presented without a thorough analysis. In such a case, they are considered to be unproven. Meanwhile, analysis of the material that misses the general idea looks like a simple list of facts.

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