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There are various types of case studies. Some of them can be written for academic researches, others can be written to provide particular proof points. Usually, we differentiate four main types of case study, they are: exploratory case studies, critical case studies, illustrative case studies and cumulative case studies. For instance, an illustrative case study means that it should be created an exhaustive description of some events. Exploratory case study provides investigations of event or events. Cumulative case study is the process of collection of some important information that ensures comparisons. And the last one, the critical case study analyzes some specific problem with cause and effect outcomes. Every student should know what each case study type means and should be aware of case study instructions styles. While undertaking case study research, a student should focus on developing of productive plan of actions to deliver the information that will prove or illustrate certain points.

Writing a case study

To write a good case study is quite a hard task. To make it successful, everyone should follow some simple steps:

  • First of all, determine what type of case study it is, what the design it has and what style will be appropriate here. For instance, illustrative case study method is used to demonstrate the effective of provided key services to a customer, by business organizations.
  • Secondly, choose the topic of case study in order to do the proper research. According to recommendations, it is better to begin research work with searching of needed information. Library search and Internet search are possible ways to get information. The main aim is to identify the exact problem that should be explored or solved. Only reliable sources of information, such as books, peer reviews articles, websites, DVDs, magazines and newspapers, are appropriate for case study research.
  • It is also important to search for case studies with the same topic that have already been studied and published in different academic sources.
  • The next important step is to choose participants that will take part in the interviewing for case study inclusion. The best decision will be to invite experts of certain fields as they can provide the researcher with trustworthy information. Additionally, customers also can take part in interviewing as they can share important facts from their own experience about using particular services.
  • It is also recommended to use questions about case study writing in interview. When writing a case study students should use the proper skills to undertake various types of interviews, like: personal interview, email interview, phone interview, in-person interview.
  • It is necessary to gather dependable data and provide thorough data analysis. For this purpose, it is possible to utilize various documents, observations, archival materials and artifacts.
  • It is needed one or two sentences to formulate a key problem.
  • To create a successful case study, it is essential to utilize the data that is gathered from trustworthy sources during the whole research process that includes interviewing and analysis of data.
  • Each case study should contain several sections: introduction, background information, problem statement analysis and conclusion.

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Writing a case study paper

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